Albion Historical Falconry - a unique Research and Demonstration Team 

     Albion Historical Falconry are a UK based team specializing in offering professional, historically themed demonstrations and displays for the heritage sector, private events, schools, museums and the media.

     Our passion is history. We believe that it is of the utmost importance that historical traditions are kept alive, and that they are shown to a high level of historical accuracy. 

     We are lucky, in that many of the original manuscripts and treatises about historical falconry still exist from the past. The Albion Falconry Historical Research Team collects copies of these manuscripts, along with other historical literature that features hunting and falconry, in order to undertake a credible study of this ancient art. 

     However, we feel that it is not enough to simply read these works and accept the information contained therein at face value. Our historical research team, made up of ourselves (the falconers), and our birds, all of whom are pure bred, parent reared, historically accurate species, actually put what we have learned into practice.


      Falconry methods have changed so much in modern times that there is a very real risk that the ancient skills used by our forebears will be lost to the passage of time.

     It is our belief that we cannot simply let this knowledge be lost. Falconry is our most ancient field sport and played a very important part in the cultural heritage and development of many societies throughout history and across the world. It features heavily in many other aspects of historical lifestyle, such as poetry, literature, and even fight styles. In order to truly understand the mind set of the people who lived in those times, we believe that is is essential to be able to truly understand every aspect of how they lived. 

      All of our birds of prey are fully trained using these historically accurate methods, derived from manuscripts dating from the 1100's to the 1800's.

     This allows us to learn and practice Falconry in exactly the same way as it was practiced in historical times, and therefore when you watch us perform, you are experiencing a real slice of living history, an authentic interpretation of historical falconry.

     As such, we are unique within the UK - we are the only team to use exclusively naturally reared, pure bred examples of historically accurate species of bird which have been trained using the original historical methods. 

     We offer multiple periods for historical falconry displays, from Roman all the way to Civil War, and also offer multi-cultural displays including Sengoku Period Japanese and Crusader/Arabic themes.