Albion Historical Falconry offer displays covering the

following periods:- 

~ Roman

~Viking and Saxon

~ Norman

~Crusader and Saracen

~ Medieval

~ Wars of the Roses

~ Tudor

~ Elizabethan

~ Royalist Civil War

~ Sengoku and Edo Period Japan

~ 1745 Jacobite


      Our historical falconry displays are thoroughly researched and performed to heritage industry standards. We are professional specialists in the historical interpretation for all of the periods that we cover. 

      Not only do we have vast knowledge about the ways in which historical falconry was practiced in all of these time periods, but we have skills in other areas of historical life, such as dancing, martial arts, and farming. We have painstakingly researched every aspect of ancient life so that when we perform, the audience feels as though they are meeting the genuine article - a real falconer from the past! 

       Each historical falconry demonstration we perform is unique. Each time period brings up new characters, birds, fashions, and cultures, which we explore fully for our audience at each show. However, we also like to research the venue that we will be performing at, to discover its personal history - famous names who hunted, stayed, or lived there. 

      We offer a Static Demonstration and a Flying Demonstration at each event. We erect our Mews Tent on site, which is our base for the duration of the event. We set out a selection of birds of prey on static display throughout the course of the event, and we welcome the public to come and visit us there, where our warm and friendly welcome will encourage them to ask questions, to learn about the history and heritage of falconry, to see the birds up close, and handle some of the equipment. 

      Provided that it is suitable for the event, we also offer up to two flying demonstrations per day. Each demonstration lasts around 45 minutes. The flying demonstrations (and the static display) are all period specific - we only show birds that are accurate for the time period we are interpreting. Flying the birds allows us to really show the audience the results of our research into the ancient training methods and allows them to see the natural flight characteristics of the birds. The flying demonstration is accompanied by an educational yet entertaining narrative, which is executed in a professional and commanding style, which gives the audience plenty of information about the particular bird species, the methods of training and flying them, and the characters throughout history who flew them.  

      Our historical falconry displays are fully covered by all required Performing Animal Licences, Animal Transportation Licences, Public Liability Insurance, and we also ensure to follow the guidelines set down by the UK Hawk Board (please visit the "Links" page for more information about this).

Whilst this means that we do not allow public handling of the birds at our events, it means that you can rest assured that the demonstration will be performed to the best possible standards and that both the welfare of the animals and the audience are at the forefront of what we do. 

      To inquire further about our historical falconry displays and demonstrations, or make a booking, please find our email address on the "Contact Us" page.