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UK Hawk Board

The Hawk Board is a consultative body, created by the UK Government in 1979, to help implement the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the Animal Welfare Act, and to support and represent all Falconers and Bird of Prey Keepers. 

45 Million people a year watch a falconry demonstration in the UK. As such, it was considered that the UK Hawk Board would produce a code of practice for demonstration falconers to follow, to help preserve the welfare of the animals, to help promote a high level of professionalism and to avoid bringing the sport of falconry into disrepute.

The following is the code of practice for falconry demonstration givers, as set down by the UK Hawk Board:-

  • The welfare of the birds must be kept under consideration at all times

  • Owls, other than Eagle and Horned Owls, should not be displayed

  • Hawks showing signs of agitation or distress should be removed from the display

  • No more than six birds should be brought to the shows

  • Signs giving the species should be visible and legible

  • At no time should birds be left on field cadges or perches in or adjoining the flying area in view of the flying birds, even if attended

  • Bathing facilities should be available to all tethered birds, except those about to be flown

  • Article 10 certificates are required for all Annex A birds on display

  • Flying of the birds is to be by traditional falconry methods. The flying of the birds to alight on the head, face, or any part of the body except the gloved fist is absolutely unacceptable

  • There should be two people to demonstrate

  • Birds should be flown with field jesses (those without slits at the bottom) and telemetry

  • Falconry must not be brought into disrepute

  • The demonstration team must have public liability insurance to a value of a minimum of 1 million pounds

  • For a variety of safety reasons, the participation of children in displays is not acceptable. At no time should the public handle the birds. 

For more information about the Hawk Board, please visit their website -