Historical Falconry for Film and TV

Our collection of historically accurate birds makes us perfect to assist film and television producers who have a requirement for historical falconry 

We can offer free-flying birds for enrichment of a larger scene or setting, and if required we can offer period-authentic birds which have suitable temperaments to be handled by the actors themselves. 

However, we are equally confident in becoming part of the drama ourselves. We are more than capable in front of a camera, either playing a small part in a film or giving a professional view of falconry for a documentary.

      We also have proven experience in assisting all manner of creative exploits, from documentary makers, to actors, from stage-shows, to authors in making a scene involving historical hunting or falconry as authentic as possible. This could include advising upon realistic scenarios, or making sure that the correct historical characters are doing the correct things! 

We also have experience working with academic professionals to advise on research papers and for heritage projects. 

No matter your requirements, we would like to hear from you to discuss how we can help!