Historical Falconry in Schools 

Using the history and heritage as a base for our school visits, we give children the opportunity to experience live historical interpretation, a slice of real living history with our historical falconry activities for schools.

However, our visits often encapsulate far more than just historical falconry. In actual fact, we specialise in educating that Falconry was just one part of the life that our ancestors lived. We often discuss matters such as social hierarchy, royalty, farming, music, dancing, martial arts....the list goes on!

If appropriate, and if space allows, we like to offer a flying demonstration so that the children get the chance to see the birds doing what they do best. As additional attractions, we offer historical dance workshops for the Medieval and Tudor period, and can offer authentic professional historical martial arts displays, with the chance for the children to view the armour and weaponry up close.

We can also produce worksheets, quizzes, and activities for the children and these can be completed with us on the day, with the opportunity to win prizes, or can be left for future projects. 

As we offer such a wide range of possibilities, there is no fixed price for a school workshop, so please contact us with your requirements.

 Historical Falconry for Museums and Academic Institutions

We offer a bespoke service for educational settings. We can offer indoor and outdoor displays of birds in a static perched setting, with period decoration and ourselves to entertain the visitors or students. We are passionate about what we do, and friendly and welcoming to all we meet, but this is always twinned with a professional and knowledgeable style. 

We offer period-specific historical falconry displays, tailor made to your environment and setting, and can host educational lectures, talks and presentations. We can also manage workshops and display equipment, manuscripts, literature, portraits and much more. 

Please discuss your individual requirements with us and we can see how we can help.