Meet the Team.... 


Andrew's speciality is the training of the noble and high status hunting birds - the Peregrine Falcon and the Goshawk.

Andrew is qualified in Game and Wildlife Management, Conservation, and Ecology, which is where his interest in wild birds of prey began. He is very much a practical, outdoors type!

His passions include researching very early traces of falconry in the UK, and trying to find evidence of pre-Saxon falconry in Britain. 

His favourite periods of history to interpret include the Viking Period, as he is very keen on the concept of the warrior culture and its ties to hunting, and the Tudor Period, as Andrew enjoys the study of rapier combat and the culture of the "Golden Age"

He is also a keen martial artist, studying concepts both European and Japanese.


Coming from a background in Veterinary Health Science,  Helen provides the academic grounding to the business.

Her speciality are the "heirofalcons" - the foreign import falcons, such as the Gyr, Saker, and Lanner, that were used in Britain throughout history. Working in extremes, she also trains the small falcons, and the big slow Buzzards!

Her passions include trying to trace the "first falconer" in the Middle East, as it would appear that traces of the origins of falconry may well go back a lot further in time than we think.....

She is also interested in the concepts of East-meets-West that we see time and time again throughout British history, where many of our falconry skills are gathered during travels in the Middle and Far East, and brought back to the UK. 

However, her main interests are still firmly grounded in British history - her favourite periods of history are the high-Medieval era and the Tudor periods, and she is a keen historical dancer. Like Andrew, she is also passionate martial artist. 

Mortimer - Male Peregrine Falcon

Mortimer is is named after Roger Mortimer, the 1st Earl of March, who aided in the deposition of King Edward II. 

Mortimer is our fastest bird by far! He is a very capable flier, a real king of speed! 

He has a very focused personality, and he is always desperate to get up into the air. 

His speciality is the complete vertical stoop, which is always breathtaking to watch, and he really embodies all that it is to be a true Peregrine.


Matilda - Female Peregrine Falcon

Matilda has earned her name from two fantastic women from history - the first being Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror, a lady small in stature but of sizeable temper! And secondly, from Empress Matilda, the first woman to try to rule England in her own rite! 

Our Matilda is a lovely mature lady - she is now 15 years old! However what she lacks in youthful vigor she makes up for in grace and character. She suffers no fools and is very particular in her likes and dislikes. She is a lady with a wealth of wisdom and experience.

Leycester - Male Barbary Falcon

Leycester is named after the amazing Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, who was known to have loved the Barbary Falcon. 

Like his name-sake, Leycester is friendly, playful, full of life and vigour, proud and haughty, but more than worthy of regard.

The Barbary is very similar to the Peregrine Falcon, and is thought to descend from the same lineage. However, the Barbary is a bird of hot climates, and is much smaller in size than their cousin the Peregrine. 

Leycester is our pocket-rocket! 


Isabella - Female Peregrine Falcon 

Although she is young, Isabella is from probably the best lineage of Peregrines in the UK, and what she lacks in age, she makes up for in superior intelligence and skill.

Isabella is named after Isabella of France, the she-wolf Queen of King Edward II, and sometime lover of Roger Mortimer. 

She is a star performer in the demonstrations, and acquits herself well, both in her fabulous attitude towards what she does, and also her fantastic nature and personality.

 Ferenc - Male Saker Falcon

Ferenc is named after Ferenc Nadasdy, the 16th Century Black Knight of Hungary, who took the Saker Falcon as his personal emblem. 

Ferenc is our superstar - his flying skills are astounding, his performance is reliable and steadfast, he loves people and to please the crowd. 

He has a heart of gold, and a steady nature.

His flying style is to swoop in low, close to the ground, and as he passes the lure, to rise up high on the thermals, circling far and wide. If you a lucky, you may even see a vertical stoop to rival that of a Peregrine, or even perhaps his favourite - the corkscrew spinning stoop!


Brahma - Male Lanner Falcon 

Tricky and cheeky, Brahma gets his name from the Hindu creator deity.

Brahma is light, mobile and agile, and is very swift in flight and loves to show off to the crowd by zooming around any tents or buildings in the vicinity! 

Despite his cheeky nature, he has a lovely personality!

Hotspur - Male Kestrel 

Hotspur is named after Henry Percy, the 14th Century nobleman, who earned the nickname Henry Hotspur, who was one of the most valiant knights of his day, and who was killed during a rebellion against King Henry IV.

Hotspur is full of personality and he is always on the go!

He has just moulted into his adult plumage, so is now sporting a fabulous sky blue tail and head-cap. 

Hotspur may be very small, but his character is larger than life!

Buzby - Female Common Buzzard 

Buzby is our oldest bird - she is 22 years old! 

Buzby is a mature lady who is definitely set in her ways! She is very much a one-person bird, preferring Andrew to all others! She may look fierce, but she is really a gentle giant!

Buzby is so proud and elegant in her manner, that visitors to our demonstrations often mistake her for an Eagle!  

As the years have gone by, she has become less and less keen on flying. She is far more content now to relax in her retirement, and although she is not a regular attendee at our shows anymore, you may just catch her at one or two!

 Arawn - Male Scandinavian Goshawk 

Arawn is a 6 year old Male Goshawk. He has a fabulous steady nature and is perfect for our Viking displays as he comes from Scandinavian descent. 

Owain - European Eagle Owl 

Owain, originally named after Owain Glyndwr, Welsh hero, is now affectionately known as "Fowly" due to his foul owl habits! 

Fowly may look scary, but he is really a gentle soul who enjoys his own space! As a European Eagle Owl, Fowly is a member of the largest species of owl in the world! 

Becket - Male Common Buzzard 

Becket is named after Thomas Becket, the 12th Century Archbishop of Canterbury who was famously murdered and became a saint.

Becket is a relatively new recruit to the team, but he is proving to be a stunning bird. 

He has a kind and patient personality and is a real sweetheart! 

His training is coming along well, and soon he will be flying free and enjoying the skies! 

Becket will add an interesting feature to demonstrations, as he will be our only flying "broadwing"!

Aine - Female German Goshawk

Aine comes from European pedigree, mirroring the Goshawks that would have been used in Britain in times past. 

She is a stunning bird with a fabulous stable and gentle nature, and does not suffer with the impatience or poor temper that some female Goshawks seem cursed with! 

Aine is a hunting hawk, so you will only see her "static" at demonstrations.