What better to bring that touch of class to your wedding than to include the display of beautiful falcons and owls, with a historical theme?

     Your wedding will probably be one of the most memorable days of your life, and it is our utmost care and concern to ensure that it is memorable for the right reasons! However, we also believe that it is important to make sure that your big day is as memorable for all of your guests as it will be for you. 

     We have a small but dedicated team of birds who have characteristics specifically suitable for weddings.      These include our most dedicated fliers, our most beautiful and photogenic individuals, and those most friendly and happy to meet new people. With these birds, this allows us to offer a tailor made wedding service. Ourselves, the Falconers would attend in fully authentic period dress, with the selection of birds. If you are having a historically themed service yourselves, why not have historical falconry for entertainment? 

     How about a flying demonstration to occupy and entertain the guests for the wedding breakfast? And, of course, the opportunity for the bride and groom to have that all-important wedding photo with the birds!

All individual requirements are catered for...just get in touch and let us know how we can be of service!